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Praying with the Lord's Prayer

Jesus gave us The Lord’s Prayer to pray - and to use as a 'model' for praying.

Here is a meditative version of this prayer, using the familiar words of the Lord’s Prayer as a framework for our own prayers.

To get started. Sit comfortably. Feel your body’s contact with the floor and the chair back. Let your feet rest on the floor if possible. Relax your shoulders – your jaw – let your face relax – you don’t need to think about anything right now.

Sense your breathing – don’t change it – just relax in it – feel Gods’ presence.

When you breathe out, you release the tension and restlessness.

Come Holy Spirit, and guide us in our prayer

The PowerPoint is embedded below. Unfortunately the music doesn't upload with it, so you will need to find your own background music if you desire that. Use the control buttons below the PowerPoint to move forwards through the presentation when you have prayed in each category and wish to progress.

Our Father in heaven

Ponder on how great God is, and know that God is present as a caring mother or father. May wonder and thankfulness fill us. Ask God to reveal His presence to flow right into the very heart and depths of our lives

Hallowed be your name. Your Kingdom come

Thank you, Holy Spirit, that you bring the peace and joy of God’s Kingdom – a kingdom found wherever He rules and reigns. May this peace and joy find its way into our lives today.

Your will be done, on earth as in heaven

Lord, Your Spirit knows us fully, and knows what’s best for us. Reveal your good purpose in our life and in the lives of those for whom we pray today.

Give us Your assurance that you intend Your best for us and for all of those for whom we pray for today.

Give us today our daily bread.

You do not give a stone, if we ask for bread, but you do give us what we need most in the circumstances of our present situation.

I ask you, Father, that we receive your Holy Spirit and all that we need the most just now, according to your loving-kindness.

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.

Help us Loving Father, to be able to forgive and to receive forgiveness.

If any of us need to forgive someone today, tell God about it so that God will make you free in that relationship.

Lead us not into temptation

Lord, may our problems and life circumstances not become insurmountable to us and for those for whom we pray.

May we not come into a place of doubt, despair and hopelessness and thus gives room for the devil to tempt us away from your will for our lives.

But deliver us from evil.

Thank you Father, that your Son Jesus has overcome Satan’s power through the cross.

Let us focus on one person we know who is in real need of freedom or deliverance today. May that person for whom we pray, experience Christ’s victory over the powers of darkness

For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and forever.

Be filled by gratitude and praise of God.

Allow His presence to bless us right now.

Give thanks and praise including for the person or persons for whom we prayed this morning


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