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Christmas Catch Up

We've become accustomed to 'catch up' via the various devices and gizmos that we can attach to our TVs, not to mention BBC iPlayer...

So here is our Christmas Worship catch up from across the Benefice. Two of our services - Christmas Eve Midnight Mass and the Christmas morning service - were in church, and we didn't have the means to record or stream them. But our other services were pre-recorded and uploaded to YouTube where they can be watched at your leisure.

To make things simple, I have collected together the three online services onto this page, where you can simply click on the video thumbnail and watch right here. Enjoy!

This was our Carol Service for 2020. Scroll forward to 13 minutes 40 seconds to miss out the pre-service and get right to the start of the service.

June Cockburn leads a fast-moving, fun Christingle service. We couldn't pack into our churches this year, so this was the next best thing.

Our service on the Sunday after Christmas was a 'Blue Christmas', a service of prayers, readings and reflection for people who don't find Christmas to be an easy time.

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