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Can we pray for you?

This is a difficult time for all of us - indeed it is unprecdecented within most of our lifetimes!

We have now been in 'lockdown' for more than a month, and there is no clarity about when that lockdown will come to an end. Even then we are being told to expect that things will return to 'normal' slowly and gradually.

Life may never quite be the same for any of us.

In the midst of these times, many of us are now struggling with the isolation, our fears about the future, understandable concerns about family and loved ones. Some have lost jobs and livelihoods, whilst - of course - some have been touched by the effects of Coronavirus itself.

Can we pray for you?

Although our church buildings have had to temporarily close, the church is still very alive and active. We can't offer you the many activities that we normally can. But one thing that we can most definitely do is to pray for our community and the people of Drighlington and Gildersome.

Today we are launching a new initiative called 'Pray one for me'. It's a very simple concept. We are offering a fully confidential opportunity to submit any topic or person for prayer. All you need to do is to head over to our dedicated Pray One for me page.


Fill in the form and hit 'Pray one for me'. You don't need to give any more details than you feel comfortable with. Nobody will call or ring unless you specifically ask us to on the form. Your message will come through to the Vicarage, and we will then share your prayer request with a small group of trusted and prayerful people within our churches. No information will ever be made public in any way.

This service is offered to people of all faiths, and none. All that we are seeking to do is to support and encourage the people of Drighlington and Gildersome in these troubled times when many of us feel we need a bit of help from someone bigger than ourselves.

So if you would like us to pray for YOU - then let us have your prayer request on the Pray one for me page and we will be pleased to ask God to help, strengthen, heal and encourage you.

May God bless you.

Paul Walker

Vicar of St Pauls Drighlington and St Peters Gildersome

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